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Central Tennessee multi-use lands ideal for farming, hunting, festivals, camps, corporate/ religious retreats, rehabilitation facility, downhill & woodland mountain bike events, obstacle course, extreme outdoor sports, training facilities, off road ATV races, 4 wheel expos, motorcycle trials, reenactments, paint ball wars & encampments, equestrian events, and outdoor trade shows and conventions wishing for that magical, expansive destination with access from major roads. Rustic privacy and security is in abundance..
Some of our selected lands are perfect Prepper Getaways for Strategic Relocation. These special locations are in the sweet zone designated by Joel M. Skousen, author of Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places, as the best and safest long term haven in the east, known as the Cumberland Plateau Tennessee. Read more about Strategic Relocation
Most of these featured lands are located at the vertex of Nashville, Knoxville & Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA.
208 Pish LA Ki Circle
McMinnville, TN 37110 (off SR 8)
NOT FOR SALE. LEASE: $50,000/ yr.
Rent $1,500 per 24 hour day
$4,000 per 72 hour 3-day weekend
Contact: Ruby Dixson, Mobile: 828-361-2068 
PISH-LA-KI 71 ACRES Warren, Co. TN
1 hr 10 mins SW of Nashville, 15 minutes SE of McMinnville, TN
Also known as Stonewood Amphitheater. PISH-LA-KI is an old Indian term. Historic outdoor entertainment venue, exquisite wedding venue, concert facility, 2 amphitheaters – Cap.: 200 on graduated stepped tiers with 40’ wide x 20’ deep wooden stage and a natural outdoor amphitheater Cap: 2,000, surrounded by forest. Major artists have performed here throughout the years. Breathtaking mountain panorama from the audience’s perspective, main house w/ 3 apts with bdrms/ baths and kitchens, wood decks. Bath house. Gated entrance and exit. Stunning outdoor facility. Book an appointment to see the astounding vistas.
This is a beautiful, green outdoor concert venue ready to go.
40 ACRES Sequatchie Co. TN
Prime retail/ business location Major Intersection on Cumberland Plateau, Junction - State Roads 8 and 111. 3 Phase Power, city water, Quonset hut, 2 houses, 2 metal storage buildings, active saw mill, flat land with 2,112’ frontage (4/10 mi.).
190 ACRES Rhea CO. TN
SALE: $825,000. REDUCED
LEASE: $24,000./ yr.
RENT: $2,500/ wknd
Magnificent Farm and old farmhouse being refurbished. Numerous farm outbuildings. 5 ponds, 3 phase power, rolling hills, 2/1.2 mile bluff bordering state forest. Located 3 miles West of Spring City, TN on top of Cumberland Plateau. Very private access from paved State Road. Excellent for Prepper or homesteading.
The best safest haven in America is the Cumberland Plateau, which has less rain and is safer from refugee influx than the highly rated Blue Ridge Mtns.. The elevation ranges from 1,500 to 1,800 feet and is very lightly populated. There is plenty of water available up on top and relatively cheap forested land… Joel Skousen, Designer of high security residences and retreats.
1,066 ACRES Marion Co. Off SR 108
LEASE ALL OR PART: $65,000./ yr.
RENT: $3,000./ wk NOT FOR SALE
Safe, secure getaway perfect for Prepper or strategic relocation. Quarry income. High mountain plateau land elev. Approx. 2,000’ surrounded by moderately steep slope with dirt and stone roads.
2 bdrm off-grid cabin. Magnificent scenic view of valley and distant mountains. Pastures, Christmas tree nursery w/ hundreds ready to sell. Multiple internal roads, some cut-over land w/ new tree growth, hardwood regeneration, multiple food plots, rolling hills, active flagstone quarry along lower level perimeter. Gated entrance. Well suited for extreme sports, off-road motorsports activities and events, rabbit dog trials.
1,170 ACRES Sequatchie/ Bledsoe Co.
LEASE ALL OR  Rent $10,000 per week
Contact: Ruby Dixson  Mobile: 828-361-2080 
Beautifully diverse wooded property with large grassy fields, miles of trails, rolling hills, the blue water hole, streams. Numerous ponds plus 14 acre lake with docks. Grass airstrip 2,250’ long and 60’ wide. Buildings include 2,400 sq. ft. dining hall in former youth camp area. Partly off grid, but grid power at camp and dining hall. This extraordinary expanse resides on both sides of the picturesque Big Brush Creek. Must see to take it all in.
This incredible property is ideal for festivals, camps, corporate/ religious retreats, woodland mountain bike events, obstacle course, extreme outdoor sports, training facility, off road ATV races, 4 wheel expos, motorcycle trials, reenactments, paint ball wars & encampments, equestrian events, and outdoor trade shows and conventions.
1,154 ACRES Franklin Co.
5 mi. N of the Alabama line.
Closest town: Stevenson, AL.
SALE: $1,325,000. RENT: $2,500./ wk.
LEASE: $92,000./ yr. $8,000./ mo.
Masada-like. Secure, safe, remote getaway perfect for Prepper or strategic location. 250 acre plateau. 1,875’ elevation. Highly defensible position. One securable road in. 23 food plots, small cleared field, 10 natural springs.
Plentiful Limestone deposits, huge limestone bluff, caves, 40 miles of sloping and winding trails. Hardwoods- pine mixed. Deer/ Turkey hunting. Uses: Survival retreat, personal estate, hunting camp, mammoth mountain biking camp, paintball war ground/ summer camp, ultimate 4 wheel/ ATV riding, motorcycle trials/ endure.
2,034 ACRES Grundy/ Sequatchie Co.
Near Palmer/ Dunlap, TN

1,645’ elevation. Sprawling mountaintop expanse. Secure, safe getaway perfect for Prepper or strategic relocation. Contiguous acres of high Cumberland Plateau Land about 15 miles southwest of Dunlap, Tennessee. Approx. 500 acres is in Sequatchie County and 1,500 acres in Grundy County, with Daus Mountain excellent paved road bisecting the property for over 2 miles.
Property is mostly wooded, some recently clear cut in preparation of making into pasture, and some already in pasture. Approx. 700 acres of the property is in a conservation easement with good and reasonable acceptable restrictions to development - remaining 1,300 acres unencumbered. Best use for this property in the near term is hunting and off road recreation. Proximity to nearby shopping in Dunlap and Chattanooga is a plus.
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